Monday, September 04, 2006

What This Blog Is

Alright, I know there's too many blogs out there. But I really wanted to start this one because I wanted a place where people and friends could tell each other about books, movies, bands, websites, foods, places, things, just whatever.

of course there's other websites for this but a lot of times you have to search all over for them or like on amazon you have to click the "other people who listen to _____ also like _____." That's fine and all but it seems like you don't find the cool obscure stuff that way.

Here you can post any kind of recommendation that you want to suggest or even ask the question, "I really want to eat some good Mexican food in Salt Lake City but I don't know where to go..." and then maybe someone will reply, or maybe not.
(i actually stole the idea for this from a friend, or maybe you could say that his idea got me thinking about another idea that might be cool... nope i stole it)

Anyway, it's an experiment that may prove interesting. Mabye it's too generic to or too broad to work but I say - let's see what happens.


Blogger Jordan said...

this in no means replaces the "about films" blog but that one's going so well I wanted to get other people's ideas about other stuff.

9/04/2006 02:34:00 AM  

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